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arte13.05.2024, 17:50 Uhr
The guardians of biodiversity

arte09.05.2024, 21:40 Uhr
Our Forests – Back to the future

arte09.05.2024, 21:00 Uhr
Our Forests – Promoting gaps

arte09.05.2024, 20:15 Uhr
Our Forests – A network of animals

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Wildes Skandinavien – Norwegen
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Wilde Türkei – Teil 1
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Magical Iceland Ambiance Mix
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21.06.2024, 18:30 Uhr
Landesgartenschau "Wiesen & Artenvielfalt"
Bürgersaal der LGS, Kirchheim bei München

30.05.2024, 18:00 Uhr
Abendveranstaltung "Wildnis"
DUH, Hackescher Markt 4, Berlin

20.04.2024, 12:30, 14:00 und 15:30 Uhr
Lesung "Meine Wiese"
Bad Heilbrunn, Nantesbuch, Karpfsee 12

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Awards and Prices

No. Award Festival Project
272 Best Director Natourale Wiesbaden, Germany 2022 Ode to Nature
271 Best Cinematography Award Matsalu Film Festival, Estonia 2022 Bee Wild!
270 Grand Prix Best of Festival WFO, Lodsz, Poland 2022 Bee Wild!
269 Best Ultra Short Film Natur Namur, Belgium 2022 Journey of Plants
268 Honorable Mention Wildlife Vaasa, Finland 2022 Magical Icecland
267 2. Place Nature Film feature length Wildlife Vaasa, Finland 2022 Ode to nature
266 Gold World Medal, Cinematography New York Festival, TV & Film Festival, USA 2022 Bee Wild!
265 Finalist, Nature & Wildlife New York Festival, TV & Film Festival, USA 2022 Bee Wild!
264 Official Selection Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York, USA 2022 Braunkehlchen Hafts Edit
263 Silver Screening Berlin Music Video Awards, Berlin, Germany 2022 Braunkehlchen Hafts Edit
262 Official Selection International Nature & Environmental Protection Festival, Hungary 2022 Ode to Nature
261 Gold Medal, Nature & Wildlife New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, USA 2021 The Meadow – Paradise Lost
260 Special Prize of Tartu Nature House MAFF|Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2021 Nature´s Nurseries
259 FINALIST AUDIENCE AWARD Greenscreen Festival, Germany 2021 Echoes of the Ice Age
258 FINALIST Deutscher Naturfilmpreis, Germany 2021 Echoes of the Ice Age
257 FINALIST Wildlilfe Film Festival, Netherlands 2021 Echoes of the Ice Age
256 FINALIST Sondrio Film Festival, Italy 2021 Echoes of the Ice Age
255 BEST OF FESTIVAL Category Flora Documentary, NWB Intl. Film Festival, USA 2021 The Meadow – Paradise Lost
254 Hérisson d'argent, Catégorie Nature FNE ISÈRE, France 2020 Magical Iceland
253 Prize der Region Lombardei Sondrio Festival, Italy 2020 The Meadow
252 Best Nature Documentary Award INNSBRUCK NATURE Festival, Austria 2020 The Meadow
251 Best of Festival (HORST STERN Award) Ökofilmtour, Germany 2020 The Meadow
250 Special Jury Price (NATURE) MATSALU FF, Estonia 2020 The Meadow

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