The Meadow

We all know it; we all love it – the flower meadow.


This ocean of colours and fragile shapes offers a home, a genuine paradise to countless species of animals. Some live underground, some among the blades of grass, still others populate the colourful „canopy“. The meadow - a sea of colours, bright and variform… almost like a coral reef or the tropical rainforest. Home to countless big and small animals. This world of herbs and flowers only exists, because there are hungry mouths to fill. Be it herds of animals or humans – a meadow has to be mown or grazed again and again. Otherwise its huge variety will vanish. The meadow - it’s a world that only exists, because it is “destroyed” regularly. The secret of this habitat lies hidden in time.

Die Wiese

The Four Seasons


45 Minuten

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Die Wiese
Die Wiese
Die Wiese